Boushahri Gallery: Exhibition of Indian artist Shabnam Husain

February 6, 2013

Shabnam Husain

Opening on Sunday,  February 10 , 2013 at 7 pm

The major component of Shabnam’s visual experience could be traced back to the rich, diverse and old Indian heritage of fables and anecdotes. The overwhelming beauty of her formative designs is enthralling . The details encompassing her renderings on paper and canvas are diverse and involving in their thematic richness and formative ornamentations . The overall organic effect is a mélange of innate innocence , pure love and sheer optimism .

Shabnam’s rather spontaneous performance yields itself to a reserved simplicity that corresponds with the innocent in each and every one of us .

Tel:+965 25621119
Address: Salmiya, Baghdad St.36, in the front of Al Laheeb Mosque
Opening Hours: 10am–1pm 5pm–9pm. Friday and Thursday afternoon- closed

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